Berkshire Choral Festival

Meet our community

Once they’ve discovered Berkshire Choral Festival, most people return again and again. One chorister recently celebrated his 50th BCF week! It makes for an amazing sense of community. So don’t be afraid to come by yourself. Most choristers do. You’ll quickly feel at home. After all, everyone is at BCF for the same reason: a passion for music.

Here are a few of the people you might meet:

“My week at BCF refuels me for the year.”

“No matter where I travel, I love to ‘come home’ to the Berkshires and BCF. My week there always refuels me musically for the year ahead and whatever adventures it may hold.”
—Laura Babcock, alto, West Milford, NJ


Member of the New Jersey Choral Society, West Side Oratorio Choir, and Lakeland Chorale Alumni Chorus. Retired executive assistant; independent business owner. An 11-year BCF alum.


Musical week: The magical weeks with Joe Colaneri and Bob Page, including two Verdi Requiems.
Choral work: Brahms German Requiem
Venue: Sheffield. Love the Berkshires!

“A magical place.”

“BCF is like my very own private Brigadoon,” Claudia says. “It rises out of the mist one week each year just for me. It’s a magical place where I leave my cares and worries outside the gate and rejuvenate my heart, my soul, my spirit.” Glen agrees.
—Claudia and Glenn Broman, alto and bass, Pittsburgh, PA


Members of the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh. Glenn: a retired American history teacher. Claudia: a business analyst. Coming to BCF for 26 and 22 years, respectively. They met at BCF in 1992 and married in 1994.


Musical week: Dream of Gerontius conducted by Nicholas Cleobury (Glenn) and Jane Glover (Claudia)
Choral work: Berlioz Requiem (Glenn) and Mozart Requiem (Claudia)
Venue: Sheffield.